Behavior Modification


TAKE CONTROL of your health… by taking control of your weight.

We are committed to ‘helping you build’ a strong foundation for success. Let us empower and assist you in discovering the specific tools to meet your individual needs. Just as in the kitchen, we use various tools to get the desired end product, a delicious meal. At HNT, we introduce tools that help make lifestyle changes easier. Let us help you reach your goal of a healthier you.

“I have tried EVERYTHING, Nutrisystem, Adkins, South Beach, and Weight Watchers, over the years, losing weight with all of them but putting it back on again. Anyone can lose weight with meal replacements, but the key to long-term success is the education component that teaches you why you are overweight, how to lose weight, and most importantly, how to keep it off for life. I have found no other program that provides education and then on-going support and

on-going education like HNT!”*

–Mike G., Noblesville, IN

*J Obes Weight Loss Ther. 2015 Feb; 5(1): 248.