Complete Nutrition

We utilize a unique tool to provide safe, effective and rapid weight loss. Throughout the program, you’ll learn healthy cooking and eating. These are skills that help you maintain your weight loss for life.

The Health One Meal Replacement
  • Complete – all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Simple – structured meal plans made easy
  • Versatile – can be prepared as an easy shake or transformed into healthy soups, baked or pan fried dishes. Fruits and vegetables can easily be incorporated to change the flavor, texture and consistency of your meals. Eases the transition back to “grocery store” foods.
  • Effective – promotes rapid weight loss
  • Quality – uses the highest quality protein, is gluten-free and contains no artificial sweetener
  • Satiety – won’t leave you hungry


“I found the meal replacements easy to prepare! I am much more in tune to what I need to do to keep myself healthy, not to mention that I feel great”

–Donna M., Noblesville, IN